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The Film

It all started...

...with an idea, take three artists to the Bahamas and record their thoughts as they interact with some of the world's largest predatory sharks. The idea became a unique adventure with some of the most amazing shark footage ever recorded.

This is Your Ocean: Sharks

A year later, This is Your Ocean: Sharks had played in theaters across the United States and around the world, making an impact on audiences of all ages. In this video, Jim Abernethy and Guy Harvey back:


 Runs 45 minutes
Featuring: Wyland, Dr. Guy Harvey and Jim Abernethy

Shot on location in the Bahamas, Asia, and in the Pacific

The way you look at sharks will change forever.

Three of the world’s top artists shatter your perception of sharks in this award-winning film festival hit. THIS IS YOUR OCEAN: SHARKS follows Wyland, Dr. Guy Harvey and Jim Abernethy as they plunge into the waters of the Bahamas to paint a new picture of sharks.  There you’ll learn why it’scritical we protect the ocean's remaining sharks - and what will happen if we don't. You'll also meet Emma, a 14-foot tiger shark. With breathtaking footage shot on location around the world, and breakthrough discoveries, it's an adventure that will have you seeing sharks very differently.

Narrated by Dr. Sylvia Earle.

 (New York, New York)  -- The way you look at sharks is about to change forever.  THIS IS YOUR OCEAN: SHARKS, the award-winning film festival hit, makes its way to home video for the first time.
                  The documentary follows three of the world’s top marine life artists; Wyland, Dr. Guy Harvey and Jim Abernethy, as they take you on a voyage to shatter people’s perceptions of sharks. Legendary ocean explorer Dr. Sylvia Earle narrates the adventure.
                  The documentary turns the traditional shark film on its head by revealing the dramatic relationship between shark behavioral expert Jim Abernethy and a tiger shark named Emma. “When I look at Emma, I don’t see a 14-foot tiger shark, I see a peaceful animal that’s established a relationship with me, a bond of trust.” In the film, viewers see just how far Jim is willing to take that trust.
                  THIS IS YOUR OCEAN: SHARKS won a Special Achievement Award in Environmental Filmmaking from MacGillivray Freeman Films and played at film festivals worldwide from California to Washington, D.C. to Canada to Grand Cayman.
                   “It was amazing to be involved with something that had such an emotional impact on the audience,” said Dr. Guy Harvey, known for his conservation work, his ocean apparel and his classic paintings used to illustrate Ernest Hemming’s The Old Man and the Sea.
                  THIS IS YOUR OCEAN: SHARKS focuses on the critical role sharks play in the ocean. It also looks at sharks under pressure because of overfishing and the demand for shark products, including fins.
Wyland says the experience was unforgettable. “I really owe it to the animals I encounter to try to use my art to protect them.”
“It was fun bringing this film to cities around the world and now people will be able to enjoy it everywhere,” says George C. Schellenger, director of the documentary. “We believe it will continue to make a big difference for sharks, and there’s more work to be done.”

Film Festivals:

Miami Beach Wildlife Film Festival 2012 -- Official Selection San Francisco Wildlife Film Festival 2012

Official Selection Vancouver Festival of Ocean Films 2012

Newport Beach Film Festival 2011

Official Selection Woods Hole Film Festival 2011

Official Selection KIDS FIRST! Film Festival 2011

Official Selection Celebrate the Seas, Washington, D.C. 2011



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